About messiah clothing

About us

Messiah Clothing produces bespoke pieces, fabricated to praise the physique. We have infused the iconic Messiah with echoes of religious and rock connotations to offer customers a superior collection with a spiritual thesis. Their composition is 100% cotton, constructed to create a lean, fitted look. The collection undergoes numerous washes, including an oil dye and silicone wash, to guarantee the softest touch and exceptional fit. Our emphasis is on exclusivity, manufacturing only a small quantity of each design to maintain a distinctive and dynamic collection.

The Artwork

Messiah’s personalized artwork occupies the space between a netherworld of urban, fine art and contemporary graphics. Making reference to rock and religious chic, it is a fusion of unique design and powerful symbolism, navigating contemporary genres of street and body art, evocative of the iconography of the 21st Century.

Each design is created from scratch, using a collision of hand-made and digital media. The graphics are primarily illustration based with a freestyle mix of watercolour and acrylic painting, flowing lines, overlays, layered embellishments, all aided by a digital brush.